Monday, July 27, 2009


Source: Malaysiakini

Recently, there seemed quite a number of shocking "sudden death" news, and the recent passing of our critically-acclaimed multi-award winning film director Yasmin was equally shocking to me.

Seriously speaking I don't really know who she was but I heard a lot of positive comments in the media for the past few years where she churned out apparently good local Malay movies that won her many international awards.

She became well known for her controversial films that featured interacial love stories and advertisements which made her also much of a hate-critic figure in the entertaining world.

Although I have never watched any of her creativity, I was convinced she was one of the 'best of the best' film director, judging from the enormous outpouring of tributes for her in the electronic media.

However, our legendary figure not only courted controversial when she was alive, even upon her demise, there was controversy.

Just google-search her name or pictures and one knows what I meant.

The latest gossip about her past history published in a local tabloid today made many people disgusted about journalism ethics. Read MarinaM's blog post today.

BTW, Yasmin was an active blogger too. One can read more of her thoughts in The Storyteller and The Storyteller Part 2. Her last posting was on the 22nd July 2009.

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