Saturday, September 05, 2009


Night out at BB
A colleage who is also in-charge of the Influenza A H1N1 ward was down with fever and ILI today after spending 6 days in the ward. He called to ask whether he should take Tamiflu, since he has no risk factor and the fever is still less than 48 hours (Does not fulfill the criteria for treatment)?

For goodness sake, I told him to rush immediately to the hospital and get himself Tamiflu. The guideline did not state that "health care workers" are at risk. Guideline is just guideline, why take the risk?

Don't repeat the same mistake where a colleage's son who almost lost his life to A H1N1 recently, unfortunately suffers complication with cerebral palsy.

You think the MOH or DG or the Health Minister cares?

In my opinion, the guidelines should include "health care workers and their family members (contact)" as high risk.

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