Friday, October 23, 2009

No P1

I got fed up with P1 Wimax already, as 1 week in a row, I am experiencing extremely poor internet connection. Surprisingly, during the initial 1 week trial, the speed was alright and even better than Streamyx 512. This made me so believe, I was conned. Today, I have written in the 3rd complaint. My two previous complaints were not replied. Even the toll free number got engaged. Real disappointment. I feel like going down to their office in PJ and smash the RM300 right onto their faces and then "Potong" the P1 line, instead of them so aggressively trying to "Potong" others now.


aktarar said...

I thought u knew about it all along. No other better than streamyx. Malaysia is not ready yet for P1. Not now

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I think the service is still pacthy in certain region. Have been using it for the last month and so far, so good. Especially the Streamyx is really bad in my house. Got both connections still. Not sure when to potong the Streamyx line yet.