Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time to give, time to heal

I was in a Christmas dinner last night on invitation from a colleague. My friend and myself felt weird, on why I would attend such dinner when I don't know anyone else.

Well, people who know me, think I am always going for the free food.

That's right in a way.

Xmas a few days away.

I was having my weekend on-call round today, and I thought of rushing through the round, trying to finish earlier when a phone call just pissed me off.

I was seeing a referral in the busy medical ward when the stupid male nurse called me to see a walk-in patient who wanted some consultation because he was scalded by hot oil over ther arms.

At that moment, I was so angry when he passed the phone to the patient. I shouted at the patient and told him off that he has no bussiness of coming to the ward to seek consultation, what's more when I don't do such thing.

I told him, he should seek treatment at the OPD or A&E, but he said he had seen the A&E MO, and that did not make him better.

What's more irritating when he pleaded to see me as soon as possible because he was about to board a plane to Taiwan, kind of rude.

I was mad and was about to chop the stupid male nurse's head off for entertaining such patient in the ward, more so, involving me.

Curry puff with unlimited soft drink refill.
Somehow, my heart melts when people are apologetic. I just can't see people in distress.

Guess, people just know who to choose, when they know I would not get angry.

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