Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ipoh Hawker food

Visit to Ipoh is incomplete without trying out the street food. I have read about nice food in Ipoh old town and especially the original white coffee.

Not knowing the street name, I called up a friend to find out, so that I could key in the name in the GPS. I was told the street name was something like "Leech", but I could't find it in the GPS. Next, I was told about the landmark, somewhere near Kinta flat, and yes, the key word was there.
Following the GPS direction, we reached the street where the Eu Yan San shop was also located. It turned out that the road name was Bandar Timah (Tin Town) Road.
One thing about going to 'famous' hawkers, and especially so during Chinese New Year, the bussiness was overwhelming, as many customers came by big crowd of families. Thus, we waited for 15 minutes to get a table and the next near 30 minutes for the food to come.

So, was it worth the waiting? I didn't think so.
Ipoh Old Town Curry Mee, RM4.00

The Curry mee was too salty, definitely not of my liking. Unlike northern Curry Mee, which comes with toufu, cockles and blood cake, this particular one only contain Char Siew and Siew Yok (grilled pork). The Hakka Mee was just plain, well too far off from the famous Petaling Street's backlane Hakka Mee.
For lunch, we headed to the so-called famous Yong Liu (sfuffed food) under the big tree at King Road as recommended by a friend, which turned out to be disaster.

The original under-the-tree store was overcrowded with tables spilled over to the car park and looked very unhygiened. It was like a hungry ghost feast with people coming in big crowds.

We went to the new Big Tree hawkers next to it, though appeared more hygienic, with equally crowded tables. We waited 30 minutes for the food to come and very disappointed with the tastless Koay Teow and Bee Hoon soup.

I guess different people have different taste but, this place is a no-no recommendation. I said the food is really tasteless because they were devoid of lard or a least garlic oil, which is a must for any Chinese delicacies.

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