Monday, August 02, 2010

"When I speak to the Chinese and Malays, they have differing views and cannot be united. I feel an in-depth explanation is needed," he told reporters here Monday when asked by delegates of the Malaysian Muslims Welfare Organisation (Perkim) about the people's confusion over the 1Malaysia slogan.

TDM on 1Malaysia.

Still not finished with the Allah issue...

Hishammuddin said his predecessor should not have banned the word “Allah” from being used by the Catholic Church and added that the decision will continue to haunt his ministry “for a very long time.”


Well, I guess the MOH was part of 1Confusion.

Just 2 weeks ago, I attended a 'soft-skill' course organized by the hospital. We had a group of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, attendents, public receptionist, and telephonists with mixed races, all got together and subjected to 3-day mental torturing.

From the initial briefing up to every lectures, everyone began by the greeting "Salam 1Malaysia". But, what does 1Malaysia actually mean to everyone?

First, we had lunch served with Tomyam beef to the insensitive of Indian participants.

Secondly, we were made to sing nasyid songs full of "Allah" and "Allah".

Not that I was particular, I used to sing all those songs in primary school days. But with the recent hoo-hah barring non-Muslim from using such word made me felt insulted.

On the second day, we were segregated from the big group and sat watching over others continued with the "Ya Allah-Ya Allah" songs.

So much so for the corporate culture we were told to adopt.

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