Tuesday, February 08, 2011

1st Avenue

New kid on the blocks, 1st Avenue opened its door few months ago. It added yet another shopping alternative to the Golden 'Pentagon' made up of Pacific Hypermart (previously Super Komtar), ICT Digital Mall (previously Yaohan/Aktif Lifestyle), Prangin Mall, and the yet-to-be seen, a once rumoured Jaya Jusco beside Komtar Walk at the old Capitol cinema site.
Even then, it is far less shine compared to 20 years ago, when Super Komtar and Yaohan were at their peaks. Those days, these were the only shopping centres in town beside Gama and Super Burma. Only, Gama still stand today.
1st Avenue has a luxurious concept compares to its neighbours, but how long it can survive remains a question. Judging from the crowds on the weekends, it is just feared that it may not be so smooth. Hope the authorities are making effort to attract more foreign shoppers rather than relying on the locals. Komtar is almost dead, but hope that the opening of this new shopping centre is just not another 'new toilet in town'.

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