Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy 5th anniversary

Five years had passed and how time flied. It has been quite a journey ever since I started blogging. It was at the height of popularity then. Blog is like a diary for some, where one documents things that is occurring in daily life, sharing joys and unhappiness, to amusements and celebrations, with the only different in that, it can be viewed by anyone from anywhere. It also serves as a medium of communication for some, broadcasting their thoughts and opinions, without much restriction or censorship. Some blogs are extremely educational and fun to read. One can be so addicted at one time, that, nothing else but blogs and blogs were in the mind when one went online. It was like one been transported to the other world.

Sometimes, been too open or frank in one's writing can be quite provoking in that, it tends to invite some morons who do nothing but put nonsense comments that could be so hurtful. Sometimes, that could be quite intimidating and threatening in nature. It then made one either censor the comment or else made the blog invisible to the public. That made blogging isn't fun anymore.

Over the next few years, the popularity of blogs has been declining. Many of the one time top bloggers in this region had either slowed down in their postings or just died off the natural way. Of course, blogging takes up part of one's precious time and many find it hard to keep up due to various commitment. One other possible reason could be the availability of new social networking platforms like Facebook or Tweeters, which are more user friendly and have more functions in their applications.

Nevertheless, I still think that having one's own personal blog is unique in a way and I hope to continue this journal to document and remind me, how the paths we made, shapes the the current and future of our undertakings.

A stranger came and sat with me during lunch in the canteen. He claimed to be someone who read my blog. I was a bit shock to know, how on earth would I meet someone who reads my blog here? Happened that, this guy who hailed from the other part of the land was actually doing attachment in the same hospital that I am working. What a small world after all, huh? This also reminded me last year when I walked up to a person I met during a conference and told him that I also read his blog, and we were actually FB linked.

How wonderful could it be, at this age, with the availability of internet, could this globe looks so small? This is one amazing technology that mankind has ever invented.


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fibrate said...

Yeah, the world is shrinking. You'd be surprised who's reading your blog ;)