Saturday, September 13, 2008


It has been almost half the period where I am currently posted, the south most of the country. Before this, I have never stepped a foot out, and the land across the strait was the first foreign land I adventured out.

Before this I have heard so much about the country that banned chewing gum, especially on how clean they are.
The above picture was taken last week when I paid a visit to my cousins who stayed across. Never could I had imagined how actually close we were and when the fact that how foreign I would have thought they were been.

My uncle and family are actually staying across as near as from Seberang Jaya to Gelugor.

I am so impressed with the environment over there. A city that is very well planned and everything is so organized. Their government low cost flats look more like our luxurious condominium here. Their compound and streets are so clean that I almost ask myself, am I hallucinating? Their transportation is very accessible and efficient.

The sales assistants in the shopping complexes and the waiters in the restaurants are very courteous and polite. Although they may be a bit 'Kiasu' but you see most of the people there are very law-abiding citizens. People queue for their turn and one is almost sure that you won't get cheated by taxi drivers.

In short, you almost feel at ease without even having to worry about safety and crime.
Here is the border where thousands of people move in and out in a day. The fact that we are actually the same kind of people by culture even though we are separated by that piece of concrete link.

But as one passes by the check point, one could see the 'sudden' change of scenery, to that of a dirty, rude and chaotic picture.
One thing for sure, you won't see this in Singapore.

Yeh, cause we are in the Bolehland, and everything is 'boleh'.

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