Monday, September 22, 2008

Close shop

One of the 'landmark' building in the south.
What at big contrast to the KL LowYat IT mall.

Almost devoid of human life.
Probably people here are not very IT-savvy, or do they prefer to go across the strait?

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Fat4 said...

I suddenly find that you do love to comment without any knowledge of things. Kind of dangerous you know, especially for a doctor like you on the loose.

You have zero understanding of the IT industry in JB and you blatantly make the comment that JB people are NOT IT savvy or go to Singapore to grab their stuffs. Just because you do not know where JB people buy their IT stuff, do you jump into conclusions. But then, I won't be helpful and will not tell you where we shop for our stuff.

Please pray tell me when you will leave this lovely city of mine. Won't want to see you here especially working in the hospital where I was born. Damm.. spoil my otherwise lovely day.