Friday, October 31, 2008


After so much of publicity since last week, it seemed Giant was the first to slashed their prices this week, albeit 30%.

So today I decided to check out some of the items.

Unfortunately, items that are deemed 'essential' to me were not part of the so-called 1200 items with price slash.

For instance, Milo 400gm is still sold at the original price of RM6.99, Nestum instant cereal 500gm RM6.89 and Cintan mushroom instant noodle RM4.49.

My favorite Julie peanut butter crackers although was down to RM8.59 from RM8.99, however, there was a catch.

The original 15-packets packing was also slashed to a 12 packets!!!

What a cheap gimmick.

Anyway, I didn't really find anything cheap worth buying this evening and I wonder whether this was part of the reasons there weren't many shoppers as well.

Meanwhile, I am going to withhold my spending and to check out Tesco tomorrow.

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