Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now Jalan Kejora

Yes, I am shocked too. I wonder what was the motive behind the name change?

Jalan Alor has always been synonymous with the Golden Triangle food haven.

Looked like DBKL has nothing more important thing to do than having a committee to study and change road names.

But then, with all the name change, why Kejora?

I thought it makes better sense if it is renamed Jalan YB Josephine, to commemorate her death, after she was assassinated by a member her political opponents.

She was also a Star, the Queen, the dog, fighter and advocate of proper road signage to reflect the multiracial and multicultural of our society.

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Chen said...

And not forgetting regarding the changing of several hospital names (to the Sultan or Sultanah names), which is kinda confusing...