Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Referal specialist

For the last few years or so, it seemed that the MOH has produced a new generation of specialists called "Referal Specialists".

Physician is indeed a dying breed.

I foresee that by 2020, Physicians are extint from MOH.
This is the sad situation we see nowadays in a ward called "Medical ward".

The case is very simple.

A young man who is an ex-IVDU with HIV infection, HCV positive and old PTB (just completed treatment 4 months ago), currently presented with left leg cellulitis and cough of 3 weeks duration.

The patient was admitted to a ward called "Medical ward" and was seen by a specialist called "Physician", and so what was the plan?

1. Refer Orthopaedic and Dermatology for cellulitis.
2. Refer Infectious Disease for HIV.
3. Refer Gastroenterology for Hepatitis C.
4. Refer Respiratory Medicine for TRO PTB.
5. Refer Psychiatry for Methadone replacement therapy.

So I wonder, what does the Physician do in the Medical ward nowadays?


A Member of Ex-USMCK Group said...

doing triage and referral in medical ward. So they can actually replace those emergency physcians who do the same job too.

Dave said...

well, there is a new breed of medics who practice Acute Medicine, which ironically, at least here is shared between the General Medical Physicians and Emergency Physicians. Personally, I'd rather spend my time in the ER, but thats me

fibrate said...

That's the problem with hospitals privileged enough to have multiple subspecialties.

So what does the general physician end up seeing? Dengue patients? I hear in some hospitals they are also referred to the ID team (dengue being an infection) and hemato team (for low platelet).

Aktar Abdul Rahman said...

Dumb, dumber and dumbest. Too much KFCs and Mc Donalds

M K said...

This is the best thing of multidispline in medicine. Everyone seems to forget what had been taught in internal medicine training. Tha's why now called advanced internal medicine to remind what they had learnt.
another point they afraid of being sued.