Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just few weeks ago, I attended to a patient who was a victim of snatch theft in Taman Sentosa. She suffered multiple laceration and abrasion wounds when she fell and was dragged for a distance.

Luckily she did not suffer any major injuries.

I adviced her to be extra careful as that place is well known for snatch thefts.
Good bye my Ixus 950, only lasted 1 and a half years old.

Damn it, last night I was the victim of snatch theft.



Jimbo said...

Oh dear... hope you are okay. I'm sure you are pretty shaken (and stirred!). Take care.

Adrianne & Ryan said...

gosh..sorry to hear that!

DBI said...

sorry to hear that..tapi adalah reason nk sambar nikon D90..erk..

sbanboy said...

Hey u ok ah ? Do take k man

Cytusm said...

Hi fellow blogger friends, thanks for the concern. I am fine and thank God, I am not hurt, though I am still sad to loose my digital camera.

Meanwhile, got to look for a new digital camera. I am a fan of Canon BTW.