Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buy 1 free 1

Strap (in small print).

Don't get cheated of your eyes.

Looked like this time, all exhibitors or dealers had made a consensus to sell the 2G pendrive for RM20, 4G for RM30 and 8G for RM50, not one cent less. There was essentially no competition or bargain at all.

Last fair, I bought a Kingston 4G for RM 23 (cheapest).

Despite the economy uncertainty, that doesn't stop people from flocking the IT fair but what irritated me was, some of these exhibitors were so arrogant.

Claimed a few salesmen, "Everywhere is the same if you don't believe me".

So what bargain is there? What fair?

This was the most shitty PIKOM PC fair for the beginning of the year, and of the last few exhibitions.

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