Saturday, April 18, 2009

Places JB2

Driving along one of the two major arteries of JB, the Skudai Highway.
Which exits huh?

JB has one of the most complicated roads or highways. Drivers unfamiliar with the routes can be quite confused.
Elevated roundabout.

This is one of the fascinating or I would rather say 'confusing' elevated circle of roads, at the Skudai-Pasir Gudang interchange. One unfamiliar with the route needs to slow down, or else one needs to make some circles or worse, big u-turn.


Anonymous said...

yar, i tototally agree with u. i get confused for many many times. the sign board too messy to read. when the time u got the direction from sign board, u may over the turn that u supposed to turn...haha. may be i m not good in direction....but after few time of "miss the turn", i never get confused any more.the most confused turn is the turn near to danga city mall.everytime i will turn wrongly if my friend is sitting beside to me.once turn wrongly..hehehe...u need to do a very far distance turn in order to reach jln skudai.

Anonymous said...

sorry, typing error, i wan to say everytime i will turn wrongly if my friend is NOT sitting beside me