Friday, November 27, 2009

2010 Outlook

I went to the Star Property Fair today and listened to what Master David Koh got to say about the Feng Shui outlook for the year 2010.

Here's the summary of few interesting predictions by the Master:

Worsening of H1N1 spread?
I have yet to see the so-called '2nd wave' coming. But then, better be on the safe side. Till today, we haven't had a single idea on when the hospital is going to give us the vaccine (which had arrived months ago). That is really upsetting.

On the good side, the economy is recovering but does that mean the property price is going up again? Bad signs for the buyers. The property price is going to go up and the bank loan rate is going up too. Why so fast? I haven't bought one yet. Sigh...
A chaotic political scene?
I wonder if a strong lady is coming from Mongolia? Will CSL be the president? Too many questions. On the good side, we don't have any natural catastrophe next year.
Bad luck?
Those main door of the house that faces north east will be in trouble. To defuse the bad luck, the Master advised that one sticks a strip of wood on top of the main door.
Sold out
For those who is interested to know more of the 2010 prediction, one can buy their book costing RM50 which comes with 2 languages. How expensive, considering one only needs to read one language. Good trick.

Anyway, all the books were grabbed clean by the uncles and aunties before I managed to reach the counter.

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