Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cari makan ma...

Recently our ward was installed with a so-called 'high-tech' security access system. All of us were issued with a security card, and everytime one wants to enter or exit the ward, one needs to touch the card on the electronic sensor, some sort like "Touch & Go".

I just wonder how much such technology cost?

Anyway, just few days into implementation, the system was disabled. Apparently, someone must have complained about the hassle. Almost every minute, there were outsiders, support service staffs or patients who passed through the door and each time, they had to press the bell to ask the staffs to open the door, since they didn't have the access cards.

Soon someone was so fed up, and eventually it was decided that the door be left freely opened again to everyone. Yes, so much so, after how much we have spent, and since how heavy we have to carry one extra card.

Anyhow, today I was so busy and worked non-stopped from morning doing donkey job.

There, came a cute-young-thing (CYT) and quite sweet indeed. She has apparently waited for me for quite some time and eventually walked over to my table to introduce herself.

Initially, I thought she was one of the drug reps, and who knows, might want to give me a sponsored trip. She requested me to spare her 5 minutes.

Sadly, she wasn't a drug rep but a mag rep. She wanted to sell me Newsweek or Reader Digest subscribtion. She also brought along various local 'not so sell out' magazines, to be given free if I subscribed to the said magazines.

She asked me, what types of magazines I am interested in? I told her, cosmetic surgery, gardening, pets and aquarium, none of which she had.

I was dissapointed. But, she seemed so persistent, kept talking on and on, even offered me the said magazines with even better discount.

5 minutes soon became 15 minutes. I was so irritated. I felt like telling her off but then I just couldn't be rude to a CYT.

She had come to the wrong person indeed, to someone who is very stingy and with no interest in all those political or boring issues in Newsweek or Reader Digest. I told her I could get all those from the internet, through the dissapointing P1 I am subscribing right now.

Sigh. I am just thinking "cari makan punya susah" (how difficult to make a living) nowadays.

I am still pondering, why would a CYT want to persuade a busy doc in the ward to buy magazines. Wouldn't she get better customers else where?

If it is for other doc, she would have been slaughtered violently.

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M K said...

actually a lot of dr reading reader digest. One of them is my ex room mate in Uni.It happens just she found the wrong person.