Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good news doc


The recent announcement by our new health minister about the Cabinet's approval on the new incentive for medical officers who work after office hour, got everyone so excited about it. There seems to be a big jump from the current locum RM30/hr to RM 80/hr (increment of RM50).

While this is a piece of good news, I wish to hear that the increment for medical officer who is on-call after office hour should also be paid at least comparatively.

Currently, MO who is on-call after office hour is being paid RM150/day (RM9.30/hr) on weekdays and RM170/day (RM7.08/hr) on weekends (much cheaper from KFC/McD).

With this big increment, I foresee more and more Dr would be fighting to get a slot in the locum clinic. Who wants to be stay-in 24 hours for a chicken shit, while one could get better by sweating it less for few hours in the clinic?

Similarly, I wonder if the private clinics would pay a bit higher than the current RM30/hr. Previously, before the government came out with the locum clinic, the private clinics were paying RM25/hr.

I suppose all those good news are part of the government's effort to keep doctors in the public service. If it is true, government docs would get RM7000/month in two years, which is comparable to private GPs, unless, the private sectors mark up their offers as well.

More reasons to become Doc.

RM6000/month after two-year Housemanship

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Chen said...

that's fantastic news for you guys! the ministry is heading in the right direction