Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petrol price hike, no joke

I got back very early today, earlier than my usual routine, and found my way in the Dreamland, but not until I received 3 SMSes and 2 phone calls, telling me about the petrol price hike.

"Come on, give me some peace of mind, not another big hoax please."

Anyway, I received an irritating referral call late evening. I am irritated because I knew the referral was not genuine. I am disappointed with certain people, who once called oneself, a Physician. I had feeling that probably these people are ill-hearted, so chronically-malignantly ill that something have already engraved deep in their heart that, they can't see other people been freer. Anyway, heck, though I care who the big bully is.

Logging on to the cyberworld, I read the headline over Star Online.

Shit, this wasn't some big ass joke. This is serious, petrol price is going up by RM0.78 per litre in 1 more hour.

In the current economy situation, one can't really blamed me for being Kiasu.

So, I headed to the nearest Shell petrol station. Luckily, it wasn't a long queue, and I was number 5.

Lining up to feel petrol, everyone was feeling upto full tank.
Some people came with large container too.

Anyway, it worth the queue, cause I save RM15 before over night.

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