Sunday, June 15, 2008

Visitors from north

I got visitors coming from the north, who were here attending a meeting. It has been near 1 year since we last met. There are not many places of interest over here to show them; anyway, we had Indiana Jones movies at Tebrau courtesy of Nazri. The cinema was real packed with people making long queues to get the tickets, with some movies even sold out.

With the recent petrol price hike and the hoo-hah, I was wondering why people are still willing to pay for some pricey tickets and popcorns, yet don't fart a noise?

Anyway, I brought our friends to this unique restaurant located awkwardly in the middle of the housing bungalows and 'on top of the trees'.

Late night supper.
The ambient with green light.
Was Nazri here before?


Chen said...

yes, Nazri was there!!

Cytusm said...

Yes! This proved that you are not color blind, Chen.