Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why are the sugar levels of diabetes patients in goverment hospitals or clinics poorly controlled?

Is it necessary to do HBA1c in diabetic patient, irregardless of the fasting blood sugar (FBS)?
Well, according to this medical laboratory technician and the visiting chemical pathologist, it is not necessary.

It is kind of irritating sometimes, seeing this kind of comment in the patient's lab result print out. Yes, as if the clinician is stupid.

That is what I said, irrelevant people passing comments, especially from someone who is not clinician. They are way out of touch.

More: Storyformydoctor 1.0.

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Dave Nevard said...

I Was on four insulin shots a day, Overweight and always tired, Sorted my diet out and everything else seemed to fall into place. I dont think there is a true type 2 diabetes cure but there is certainly management.