Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fatt Ngap Foong

Picture I posted last year.
See how the prices have changed.

Ever since the petrol price hike from 5th June 2008, a number of forums had been held to discuss the effect of the price hike on the publics and I am kind of fed up of keep hearing the same reason been said especially over the MSM.

Read today's Star Metro where Universiti Sains Malaysia associate professor Dr Chan Huan Chiang supported the Government’s recent move to cut petrol subsidies.

According to him, petrol subsidies benefit the rich more than the poor.

He gave some lame examples:

>>>"If someone driving a luxury car pumped RM10,000 worth of petrol yearly, he would receive a few thousands in subsidies from the Government."

However, a motorcyclist pumped only a few hundred ringgit worth of petrol yearly, and as such, the subsidies he received were only a few hundred ringgit.

The money was going to people who didn’t really need it, when it should have gone to those in need,” he said.

“Subsidies encourage people to be wasteful,” he said.<<<

He also advised Malaysians to cut down on petrol use so their savings could be channeled to other areas.

How I wish I could ask him to clarify questions, like:

1. In what way can saving be channeled to other areas (and what areas?) by cutting down the use of petrol?

2. In what way subsidies encourage people to be wasteful?

Now, let me tell this associate professor how the recent cut in petrol subsidy has affected the POOR people like us; government servants, pensioners, factory workers, construction workers, rubber tappers, farmers, cleaners, disables, beggars, prostitutes, gigolos and many other labourers who draw a fixed salary.

With RM 625 for car owners and RM150 for motorcycle owners?

Well, the effects:
1. Hawkers: Economy rice, Wan Than Mee, Char Koay Teow, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Coffee and Tea, etc; all have increased their prices.
2. Markets: Chicken, pork, fish, egg, chilli, greens, etc; all have increased their prices.
3. Supermarkets: Cintan Mee, Mamee, Milo, Dutch Lady, Julie, Colgate, Cutie, Economy, Nestum, etc; all have increased their prices.
4. Transport: Express bus, School bus, Lorries, Taxis, 'Sapu' etc; all have increased their prices.
5. Services: Lawyers, GPs (like Chen), Hair dressers, Mechanics, Tailors, etc; all have increased their prices.
6. Properties: Houses, Apartments, Condos, Constractors, etc; all have increased their prices.
7. Utilities: Water, Tenaga, car parks, etc; all have increased their prices.
8. Others: Hotels, "One Ringgit shop (now RM1.20)", etc; all have increased their prices.

Therefore, the recent petrol subsidy cut has not only made the rich richer and the poor poorer, but the government doctors like us (still UD41 after 8 years in service) the poorest.

No promotion, no bonus, no locum, and worse still, no hospital claim for my one-day course organized by HKL next month. Damn.

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Meteor Garden ... 流星花園 said...

Sometimes these people live such comfortable lives that they don't even give the slightest thoughts to those living around them, especially the lower income group.

A Member of Ex-USMCK Group said...

It is not on how much the we have been subsidized, but the change of the value that matter to us. If the G is smart, they can choose to withdraw the amount subsidized gradually....rather than abruptly like now. The just have created a hike in price in everything you can think of... Damage have been made. Even if petrol price remain at US 125 per barrel, and even if the G lowering the petrol price next week, i am doubt the price of consumable goods will be reduced too.