Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sun day

It was the last day of my holidays before a new hectic life starts tomorrow, so I thought I wanted to fully use all my free time. I started by trying to get to Danga Bay to see what 'Heboh' thing was going on over there. By noon, the traffics 1 km from both sides toward the venue were jammed up, making it almost impossible to get there. I was stuck for near 30 minutes and decided to go else where.

Moving towards Tebrau, the traffic was equally heavy. It was also quite impossible to get in to Jusco Tebrau without having to wait.

I wondered why were there so many cars on the road. Wasn't the recent fuel price rise had got some impact on the consumers? It seemed more and more people were thronging the shopping complexes as if things were free over there. Even cinema goers were willing to wait early in the day and having long queue to buy tickets.

Anyway, I tried to avoid the crowd and went to somewhere suburb. Permas Jaya is a 30 minutes drive from the main city, a bit unexpectedly far.

Jusco at Permas Jaya.

Nothing that great over here, things were as expensive as else where, if not more.

Next, I followed the road signs and wandered off to a place God-knows-where called Plentong. Apparently, there was a new opening of a Tesco Extra hypermart.

The traffic was even more horrendous. I was stuck for near 30 minutes but I insisted to get in there since I was already one hour drive from the city, what a waste if did not.
Extra space.
A big crowd at the newly opened "New Toilet" (san see hang).
Fish spa.

It also seemed that the Fish Spa disease has spread toward the south. I wondered why would people want to spend RM30 per 1/2 hour to get their leg bitten.

Must as well pay me RM30 per 1/2 hour to get your legs kissed.


Chen said...

oh... fish spa and all is the latest trend at this moment. people go cos it is trendy now. last time we had the flowerhorn fish trend. after that there was the remote control car trend. then later it was remote control helicopter.

trends come and go.

Iml said...

To pay RM30 to feed the fish????

Cytusm said...

Cruelty to animals!!