Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was just wondering what was the big fuss about an Indonesian dangdut singer performing in KL. Apparently, her controversial concert scheduled for today was canceled as well, after the initial cancellation in JB.

Well, the reason given was that it has something to do with national security. I don't really understand what they meant, but probably where I could imagine, there might be some bloody clashes organized by some religious fanatic group, if the show was supposed to go on.

Some quarters claimed her dance move was too 'erotic' to be watched as if she may induced epistaxis in men or encourage rape or things which could lead to moral decay.

Anyway, I Google her You Tube video, and found her dance moves nothing much extreme from some of the Hindi movies dance moves.

Well, sorry girl, she just happens to be in the wrong place and the wrong time, where the political environment does not favor her so, since our Tahun Meliwat Malaysia activities have not ended yet.

She should have gone to Singapore instead.


Chen said...

i don't think she has many fans in singapore, which is why she preferred to perform in malaysia rather than singapore

Meteor Garden ... 流星花園 said...

Tahun Meliwat Malaysia??? Hahaha...That's just so cool...and very true