Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget hotels

Being a physician that long, I 've never got the luxury of a fully paid CPD conference or course oversea, like someone else so regularly did.

More so, when one practically 'retired' from being a physician, one would not even see the drug rep's faces anymore.

A poor government doc would have no choice, but to depend on the hospital's sponsorship.

The most pathetic thing about government sponsorship is that, one can only be able to claim hotel accommodation up to maximum RM130 for conference, course, or workshop, and RM 160 for meeting.

With the big cut of allocation for the department this year, the hospital's management has become even more stingy.
Dr@gon Inn Hotel, RM 68.

A friend called me to find out where I was and I told him I was staying in a budget hotel.

Budget hotel to many people means brothel or prostitute dent.

My friend was so surprised that he told me not to let people know that I was staying in such hotel, otherwise my reputation would be hurt.

But I told him, I was not at all ashamed. Being a poor government servant, that was the only option I could afford, compared to the hotel venue where a night stay would cost one RM 250++.

S@n Inn Hotel, RM70.

By the way, not that I am extremely stingy. Somehow, one of the advice told by one of my specialists those days that remained buried in my mind was, she said "Never pay a single cent for courses".

As a government doc, we are entitle to the privilege of getting sponsored CPD course. If the hospital could not even fulfill such allocation, then we shall have the option of getting private sponsorship, which should not be seen as some form of bribery, which some of our bosses don't actually agree.

But heck, anyone care?

Anyway, for those who can't afford the stay at Gr@nd Season or V@stana, here is a quite decent hotel to stay, within walking distance.
RM 97 nett, but for government servant, RM 85.
Nice and cheap.


sbanboy said...

My dilemma exactly whenever I have to book a room to attend a conference :)

Fortune Park Hotels Ltd said...
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Anonymous said...

1. "A poor government doc would have no choice, but to depend on the hospital's sponsorship."

2. "The most pathetic thing about government sponsorship is that, one can only be able to claim hotel accommodation up to maximum RM130 for conference, course, or workshop, and RM 160 for meeting."

For Quate 1. What u mean as "hospital sponsorship" is actually tax-payers hard earn money that have been allocated to the health ministry.

For Quate 2. "RM130 - RM160" not enough? What type of hotel u have in mind?

eColi said...

Dear Anonymous above,

1) The tax-payers' hard earn money is also used to pay the chicken sh*t salary for government doctors, is there a problem?

2) When the course venue is held at a hotel that cost RM250++ a night and there is no RM130-160-type of hotel nearby, is that a problem?

Anonymous said...

Dear ecoli,

1. If one think that's its a problem of a chicken s*** salary in the government, he/she can leave without any hesistancy. Stay and complain will not change the situation.

2. When the there was no adjacent hotel of RM130-160 around the vicinity, choose an affordable hotel and travel by either bus, LRT, taxi or own vehicle. If one unable to endure this means, one can opt to not to attend the above cost. Or top up the remaining balance if its more than the budget allowed.

If one thinks it will offend their own principles by paying extra, one can choose not to attend or pass the opportunity to others.

Anonymous said...

"As a government doc, we are entitle to the privilege of getting sponsored CPD course."

Kindly advise on the reference for the above statement.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like gov doctors are very pathetic...

Having to meet the needs of the nation- providing up to date management yet have to stay far away from the venue of the course- and travel in a foreign place to them or else be categorised as 'unable to endure this means'

Hellooo.... gov doctors are people who really has the wish to help the nation. The private sectors are always welcoming gov doctors to join them anytime.

I dun think its fair to point fingers at them like as though they deserve it....

Its time for the public to stop pointing fingers and discriminate them. It time for the public to show gratitude sometimes.

just my 2 cents

fibrate said...

"Regular" isn't quite the word, Cytusm. More like "infrequent"...usually unexpected good fortune when someone more senior declines the invitation :)

Human resource development is vital to every organization, even the public healthcare sector. And that would include low lifeforms like myself, Cytusm and E.Coli, who despite the unwarranted hostility and frustration thrown our way, would continue to soldier on to provide care and comfort to a large segment of society. If you haven't lived a day in our shoes please refrain from making hurtful and ungrateful remarks.

Have a nice day, y'all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Docs,

Choose what u love and love what u choose. Not fair to ask something in return.

A Member of Ex-USMCK Group said...

It is not wrong to demand. Even if you have a kid, you will certainly ask him or her what they want? Otherwise you will have a big headache. Anyone in any organization should make demand at anytime suitable. You have a mind just like our minister. Since most of us work because of compulsory reason, i mean compulsory work, we don't deserve any special consideration. It would be different if you are voluntary doing it..i mean doing locum in government hospital (also include those who voluntary apply to become MP via election) vs on call...But how could one differentiate it.. To inform those who may not know..most of us have been working more than 5 years..far beyond the compulsory period.

Anonymous said...

Both private & public sector have their own benefits.

Gov doc have more holidays & more junior doc to assist them (if they r more senior enough). Not fair to enjoy the benefit in gov and complain salary not enough.

If u think ur salary is chicken s***, then leave. U will have a higher salary in private and less holiday and more work for u to do urself.

Anonymous said...

Typical of public mind.. That is the exact reason y gov docs leave and will continue leaving...

Anonymous said...

Many people, particularly doc, have no desire to leave the public sector because they have genuine interest to serve the public even though they are being paid a chicken s***. Being in the government, they are entitled to many privileges, e.g. lower interest loans, discounts on hotels, longer breaks and that includes allocation for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. Doc in particular are required to attend some minimum numbers of CPD, and it is their rights to get sponsored.

Anonymous said...

Most gov doc cant leave yet because they had not complete their traing yet (post grad), when the training is complete and an offer is made. How many will still stay?

Anonymous said...

Not many because not many people are so noble to stay and serve in spite of public being unappreciative of their work. Doctors are human too... Low pay, haevy work plus treated like s*** by the public... Its really hard to stay on.

Anonymous said...

If the public feels that their hard earned tax payers money cannot be used to "sponsor" doctors for continuous medical education which ultimately benefits the public, then the public have no right complaining about receiving treatments which are 50 years old. You don't pay doctors to improve their knowledge, you get 20th century treatments.

Anonymous said...

Just look back now.

Who seems to complain the most in this post?

Who complain about their meeting accomodation budget is still not enough?

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