Sunday, November 23, 2008

Code of @thics

I read with interest that we may soon come out with a code of @thics for bloggers. I am not too sure how such codes could regulate the way people blog but I think it is a set of guidelines to guide a sane person on how one should blog decently.

Here, I read some basic guideline for healthcare bloggers on some common ethics.
Lately, I have been a target of hate mails and comments, I suppose because of something I wrote about d@spensing. I seemed to have attracted some hate fans and particularly one psycho freak out there, not worthy of mentioning, who dedicated a blog just to bash me over the net.

Kind of scary sometimes.

Not only that, Palmdoc was also his target because of the link between my blog posts with MMR.

I guess, this is one of such upsetting encounters one would anticipate when one blogs openly in public.

When I first started blogging some three years ago, my readers were just a few of close blogger friends, but now there are some 20 or more readers whom I do not know, come regularly here.

It is kind of interesting sometimes when we get to interact and share opinions though we do not know each other.

Trying to keep a low profile, fame is not my motive, neither with money making through advertising.

While I always try to keep anonymity and subject confidentiality as possible, but I think one such ethic is very important:

"Courtesy - Bloggers should not engage in personal attacks, nor should they allow their commenters to do so. Debate and discussion of ideas is one of the major purposes of blogging. While the ideas people hold should be criticized and even confronted, the overall purpose is a discussion of ideas, not those who hold ideas."

Despite some minor distraction, I am not discouraged spiritually and I will continue to contribute to this piece of 'rojak', to document the journey of life.

Read more about code of @thics in:


lyss said...

Just read that Pahang is going to employ pensioners as bloggers to monitor comments on blogs!!! What a ...?!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo bro, sounds like you are a target of a particularly nasty and obnoxious person.
I wouldn't bother about such low life.
Just ignore them and let them crawl back into the hole where they came from.