Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Journey

I started the journey by having my last meal nearby at my favorite Malay food store. This restaurent although most costly than others, it was nevertheless the best in JB.
There, I bumped into my patient who instantly recognized me. He praised how kind I had treated him before.

I then remembered he was the one whom I met outside the clinic one day and I noticed he had a severe skin condition. I had actually invited him to the clinic and offered him treatment.

Before he left, he paid for my meal. How nice....
A last glance at the place I used to stay.
Began a long journey ahead.
Here I came.
From the Rainbow City to the Star City.

1 comment:

aktarar said...

Heppy birthday bro... Hope u like it in KL. The Best place to move forward. How's ur new nest?