Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Past one week, there were much debate and concern with infectious diseases particularly the deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever epidemic and the pandemic influenza A (H1N1).

Our DG inadvertently or intentionally got himself into some embarrassing hot soup for blaming the dengue mortality on the private medical practitioners (not again...), which I personally think is nonsensical and ridiculous.

Guess he definitely had never done locum in the private practice before in his life for him to understand how the private medical setting functioned.

And before he opens his mouth again, please provide us with more logical facts.

The following reports need further reading:

According to DG, sixty-six per cent of deaths from dengue fever could been avoided if the disease had been detected early and the patients given immediate treatment.

MMR on the blame game.

FPMPAM response to the DG's statements.

A patient's experience on proper diagnosis and early treatment.

MMA president's statement.

FPMPAM's advise to all private medical practitioners.

MMR's forum on why private doctors are upset.

Whatever it is, there are questions remain unanswered:
1. How early is early to diagnose dengue fever? (1,2,3 days?).
2. What is the clinical definition of dengue fever? (The symptoms are non-specific).

Come on, let's go back to basic.
30 years ago when I read Biology, we had already known that there is no other way to fight dengue without wiping out the Aedes mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

So, what have we achieved thus far?

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