Friday, June 26, 2009


I never once imagined I would have ended at the Southern City but till the very last seconds I am still missing every moments of it.
I wish I could capture as many images as possible but then...

Here's my last trails.
Construction under way. Wonder how this would look like in future.
The coming soon, elevated highway.
I think, this should be the very icon of the city.
The best shopping centre, for the most quiet one.
This would become the busiest road to come, as this is the only way out now to the Merlion City.
Still managed to explore till this part of the outskirt, a place near Tmn Bestari.
Duck mee noodles, RM3.80.
Grilled mushroom, RM4.00

That's all for now.

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nocturnale said...

Doing subspecialization in KL?