Sunday, May 29, 2011


It was last day and we decided to skip the sessions. This was probably our once-in-a-life-time, and we were told 'a-must' to make a visit to the DMZ aka de-militarised zone of the border between north and south Korea. We booked a half-day tour via the hotel and was lucky to have a good tour guide who was very fluent in English
On the way, we were told that this was the stretch of road where one could see North Korea at the nearest point. We were also well-briefed about the history of Korea and the reasons why they went separate ways. I supposed one should just listen with one side of the ears, as one only got one side of the story. South Korea was so glorified.
The South Koreans were also very smart. This was evident by how they managed to turn this 'zone' into big tourist attraction and a money making machine.
On a scheduled tour, everything went through so fast. We were rushing from one place to another. We hardly had time to properly saw through the place and took many photos.
The train exhibit with hundreds gun-shot holes was to remind the people how deep the grief and how horrendous the war had done to mankind. This also indirectly showed how big the influence of Russian and American on shaping what the Korea was about today.
Of course, many were hoping for the unification but still there were many hurdles to go through. They may be the people with the same skin color, speak the same language, practice the same culture and religion, which in-short, were of the same blood, but it was so difficult to comprehend why that hacked globe could not be stick back together. So sad.
Everybody was so excited upon seeing the other side. We were not allow to take photo behind 10 meters from the wall. Through the W500 operated binoculars, one was able to peek through what was happening on the other side. How exciting, wasn't it? To see through between heaven and earth.
Photo taking inside the tunnel was not allowed. The diagram showed how amazing the tunnel was made, in the quest to reach out between the 'two' worlds. Was it for invasion or for unification, sometimes my mind wandered?

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