Friday, May 27, 2011


The sessions started as early as 7.00am, but that was the best time to just lie lazily in bed. Instead of been dictated by the shuttle bus schedules, we decided to wake up a bit late and took the subway trains by our own. More flexible this way. We traveled hundreds kilometers and it was a waste if we did not take time to go sight-seeing. Forget about those lectures.
It was also a waste, as we could only attend one session out of more than 20 concurrent sessions. Every topics seemed to be interesting, so it was really a hard decision. One thing, in this kind of conference, we were disallowed to take picture. But sometimes understood if it involved showing patients' photos and confidential issue came into play. But then, certain slides only contained words, yet one could be told off on the spot. I managed to snapped a few photos stubbornly. No doubt, some of the slides were recorded in DVD form to be sold, but it was at a ripped off price of USD90 per disc.
Night time, shopping again and this time we went to Insadong, supposingly a place to look out for antiques and artworks. It was nice to walk down the street and yet nothing could be bought over. Even if one wants to buy, it may be difficult to carry back home hundred km away.
The main reason we were here was this Italian restaurant as recommended. So, it was kind of a change after been subjected to bouts of Kimchi-an assaults for the past few days. Anyhow, Italian was not my type, lots of grass and semi-cooked meat in fact, and how I wished I could have Wan Than Mee in Korea.

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