Monday, May 30, 2011

Rat nest

One thing great about our hotel was, the shopping center was just next door and was accessible from the lobby.
Besides, it was located at the centre of the transportation hubs, linking the Express Bus Station with many subway trains.
In fact, all the buildings in the vicinity were extensively linked and connected through various undergrounds exits and one need not need to cross the roads to get to the other shopping buildings. It was unimaginative how extensive and complicated this rat nest was.
My last window shopping was at Gangnam Underground Shopping Center which I discovered by chance after wandering off to the numerous exits from the Central Bussiness Shopping Centre next to Express Bus Terminal.
Finally, I found the mother of super-extreme cheap bargain here. Almost all the shoppers were from the middle age and above. I was literally sandwiched by all these aunties salvaging the goods as if they were free of charge. 99% of the shops here sell ladies fashions. Prices were fixed at a very bargained prices of between W5-10K. Some ladies socks and undies even sold at W1K. I estimated this underground extends about a km long and one can just spend the whole day here for just shopping, is enough.

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