Friday, August 08, 2008

Fair or not fair?

PISA today.
The biggest and most creative booth.

Looked like all these PC fair things are all bullshit. I see most exhibitors were out there to cut throat. Other than the computer accessories, the price of the rest of the products, particularly notebooks were very non-competitive, in fact more expensive.

I was in fact looking for a UMPC or sub-notebook. Take a look at the prices in different places.

Recommended retail price: RM 1699.
JB PC fair: RM 1799.
PG PC fair: RM 1749.

There was only one booth selling EEEPC, so there was essentially no competition at all, and it was sold at a higher price.

BTW, more UMPCs are out in the market, like FTEC and Twinhead, also selling at RM1399.

Look like, I better wait for a while and see.

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Chen said...

businesses are out to make maximum profit at minimum costs....