Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One moment, I was at the busiest road in Rainbow City.

Next, I was at the newly open 24-H supermarket in the neighborhood.

It is still free parking over here at the moment.

The supermarket is located at the basement of the PP Plaza, in the crowded neighborhood of Tmn LipSin. Most of the shop lots are still empty, while a few shops opened not long ago had closed. Business is not so good I supposed, made worse by the recent fuel price hike or probably the 'Feng Shui' is just bad.

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Chen said...

I doubt business is bad anywhere. I went to Maxim Dim Sum in Sg Dua 2 weeks ago. Still had to fight for seats and shove amongst the crowd of people jostling for the self-service food. Same as before fuel price hike.

I went to Hao You restaurant in Teluk Kumbar, famous chinese restaurant by the sea, also 2 weeks ago. As usual, had to stand behind people's table and look at them eat, so that they will leave faster and we can take their table. All tables full, just as before fuel price hike.

My clinic is still making tonnes of moolah, same as before fuel hike.