Sunday, August 31, 2008


It was the last day for Hungry Ghosts and we were at Johor Jaya for supper. I discovered the biggest hawker centre in JB so far. I never knew there was such a happening place exist in this part of the world. Why the Neurodoc never recommend me this place after so long been here?
Interestingly, many people were here to enjoy the karaoke session. The ambient was so much exciting. At least, there was some night life over here, so to speak.
And it has been a long time I last eaten Wan Than Mee. This one turned out just not too bad for a RM4.
Also, first time I was seeing and eating grilled long beans, okra (lady's finger), petai (parkia speciosa) and mushroom. Unique, but rather expensive, RM1.20 per stick.
The moment had finally come. We had count down followed by firework display.
Here is the food court for the family.

And thanks to Gastrodoc for bringing me here.