Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was on a long vacation for the past week, the longest holidays I'd had so far this year. I wasn't going very far, but somewhere further up north.

Anyway, I was heading to the most awaiting, once-a-year event of the year. It all started with the pre-congress clinical pathology conference (CPC) in HKL. There wasn't any formal invitation, so I got to go a day earlier on my own.

No formal invitation meant, I would not be able to claim for the hotel that I stayed. I therefore chose to stay in a hostel.

Costing RM80 a night, this hostel is located right in the transportation hub of KL. The single- and double-bed rooms (with attached bathroom) were all occupied, leaving only the triple-bed room without the attached bathroom.

Nevertheless, I chose to stay here because I was only familiar with this place. Besides, I was very satisfied with the car park facility and security. It cost RM2 only per entry for guest.
My favorite hang out place is the Golden Triangle, easily accessible via Monorail. It is very crowded on weekdays and weekends. This place is so cosmopolitan and colorful.The Chinese hawker food over here wasn't the best in KL, nevertheless I really liked the atmosphere, so lively. They, however caused a bomb in the pocket. Don't eat over here if you are on budget.
Next, the real congress started in this wonderful golf resort. As a real poor government doc, I couldn't afford to stay in the five-star hotel there. Luckily, there was a cheaper alternative next to the resort.

Two months earlier, I had called to make a booking and I was quoted RM155++ a night. Even when checking in, I was also told the special rate for government servant was RM155++.

But what really irritated me was, in the evening at 7.30pm, while I was driving out for dinner, I received a call from the hotel reception informing me that, there was error earlier.

I was told the hotel rate was actually RM165++. So you see, for RM1, people were been so calculative!

So, after the ++ calculation, it totaled up to RM189.75 per night. The poor doc still have to fork out RM59.75 as the hospital only willing to pay RM130.
Attending this congress was like attending a superstar event and I was all elated when my favorite speaker, the ID man, finally appeared to give out his excellent talk. He was as funny as ever and I totally enjoyed his presentation.

In his opening remark, he expressed his disappointment because when he met his old friends there, people commented that he looked still the same, when he thought he actually looked 'better'.

It has been a very tiring full-packed four-day event. I hadn't had a very good night sleep despite staying in a four-star hotel, probably my body did not get use to the bed or probably, the pillows didn't have my usual odor.

I thought I would wanted to leave earlier but the thought of not wanting to miss the last talk made me stayed. People usually 'save the best for last', and I thought it worth staying back to have a glimpse of a person I sort of admired.

It was none other than the famous doc with the Palm and I am a serious fan of his medical blog.

Well, he had presented an excellent overview on the use of PDAs especially from the practical points for the Physicians. The only thing was, how I wished his talk could be longer and more detail. I was tempted to ask a few questions but I backed off as we had run out of time.

I am glad that I am finally back to the Rainbow City after a 4 1/2 hour drive. I feel great to be back to a place I called 'Home' now.

I hope to be able to sleep well and peacefully tonight.

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TEOH said...

the ID man is Dr. CHris!!! i like him also. his talk is always very interesting. u know? the 1st day i saw him, i thought he was a boss from drug company. i thought this is the smartest boss i saw before until he did the closing ceremony, then i just knew that he is a doctor!!he is my idol!!