Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Today is our routine visiting schedule to the district hospital. It was my turn to do the service. The journey took near an hour drive with many turns and twists heading to this one of the southern parts of the state.

Yet another boring day of consultation. Boring in the sense that, it was another day of being a "dispenser" for me. The "doctors" were, non other than these chronic unappreciative eczematous Penangites, who only knew how to tell what medicine for me to dispense.

I partly blamed what my predecessors had done, for trying to behave as some generous welfare doc (or dogs?). So, it seemed that my only job today was to continue passing out "goodies" to all these hungry and greedy ghosts.

I had this irritating lady who kept insisting that I gave her vitamin C and B-complex, because that were what the previous doctor used to give her. When I looked through the whole pile of case notes, there was not a single word of vitamin "B" or "C" written on it. So, was this lady trying to bullshit me or was it the previous generous doctor too demented to note it down after giving out this miraculous drugs?

But the last patient actually saved the day. This was the mother of the last patient who appeared totally unconcerned about her appearance other than her child's minor itch in the leg. She had her face full of acne; comedones, infammed papules and some pustules.

Curiously, I asked how long has she suffered from such lesions, just to generate some response. Unsurprisingly then, she started to relate to me about her life-long enduring with this very common, aesthetically debilitating but potentially curable disease. It was sad to note how concern of her about her acne but she had very limited knowledge about the various availability of treatments.

So then, started my long and meaningful consultation, in trying to educate her and at last managed to convince her to start systemic treatment with oral antibiotic. I did really hope I had done an incredible job today and hoped to see some encouraging result in months to come.
We ended today's doggy session with the above stomach-watering Char Koay Teow prepared by the hospital's kitchen.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chee Chong Kai

Over the weekends, I went for a short trip to KL. Been a short trip, I stayed overnight in a budget hotel in Chinatown.

Mentioning the place "Chee Chong Kai", would actually raise eyebrows from my friends. This place is popular for "ciplak" stuffs and, once also "ham tai" (porn) haven. I still do get offering from these street peddlers sometimes.

This area also made name for some of its 'flesh trade' and crimes too. There are lots of foreigners over here, especially Indonesian, and now increasing numbers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam as well.

Because of these, most of my friends think this place is 'cheap' and unsafe.

Nevertheless, I like this place because the Puduraya bus station is within walking distance, and it is also convenient to travel, especially easy access to bus stops and LRT stations. But most importantly, it is the availability of varieties of 'Chinese' food here.

But, forget about those imitation goods, this place is a haven for some of the finest KL hawker food. Notable ones are; 'Chee Cheong Chuk' (porridge with pig's internal organs) and Koon Kei Wan Than Mee for breakfast; Pan Mee for lunch and Curry Grilled Fish (behind the famous Lo Hon Ko drink store) for dinner. Others include Claypot Chicken Rice and Sar Hor Fun during dinner.

By the way, I stayed at this place called Dragon Inn Premium Hotel, just opposite Kotaraya.
This one, I would say, a 2 stars hotel. That explained the rates which was also 2-Star; at RM 68 per night for a cubicle of 3m X 4m in size.

Though small, I quite liked the room; simple, clean and quiet.

Ever wonder why this hotel never had 4th floor?

Here was the back lane.

And my favorite Back Lane Pan Mee; RM 3.20 (small).

Evening was such beautiful and colorful.

I had this Ginger Wine Chicken rice with tofu "pok" for RM 13.60.

Petaling Street is very sentimental to me for many reasons. This was the first place I first landed in KL some 15 years ago.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


New CNY deco in BJ Complex.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Winner of AJL-21
Best Song
Best Ballad category
Best Vocal

Terlalu Istimewa

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog link

Proving blogging is a "trend", here's another celebrity , who is also a victim of Highland Towers, added to my link.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Green House

So, I went to this place called Green House in Muntri Street, just opposite Cititel Hotel, with HK and Ms Teh during Friday lunch. This small little humble coffee house is run by an Australian couple, Alan and Pat.
This was what HK had, Lasagne, RM 12.00
This was what I had, Chicken spaghetti, RM10.00
Being a typical "Chinaman or Cina Pek", these were not my type of food. My chicken spaghetti with tomato sauce tasted a bit quite "awful" (sorry for the harsh word, didn't mean to insult), and I kept saying, "hmm, quite nice", after been asked many times by my friends, though I had to force the food into my mouth.

There was some cheese where I supposed to mix with the spaghetti, and luckily I didn't pour everything in, cause it tasted like "vomitus"! Chills.

Guess, I might not survive if I am thrown into Australia or US right now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Typical Penangite

What define Penangites?

Case scenario 1:
While first attending to two wheel-chaired patients referred from other hospital in the clinic early in the morning, I heard a commotion outside the room of a couple arguing with the nurse, apparently because the two patients that I saw first had jumped queue, they were number 3 apparently. (By the way, the first two patients had made appointment a day earlier by their referring doctors). So by the time I saw the couple 45 minutes later, they started grumbling non-stop.

Patient: What kind of system is this? People who came later than me, can just cut queue.

Doc: (Explaining to the patient in the nicest and humble way) Cool down Mr., actually those two patients had already made appointment a day earlier, they were from other hospital.

Wife chipped in: I think you all should revise a better system. We came early at 7.30am to get the parking space, and now we have to wait for nearly two hours.

Patient: (Continued grumbling...) You know, I am also an ex-government servant.... !@#$%.. and blah, blah, blah...

Doc: Ok, ok, I apologize for the inconvenience.... (Yes, doctors are slaves, as if).

While writing the prescription,

Patient: Can you please give me some panadol, and a bottle of cough syrup please?

Case scenario 2:
An elderly woman, who defaulted follow-up for 8 months, came to continue her medicine (for seborrhoeic capitis). After waited for near an hour, came in requesting to be seen early, as she had not had breakfast yet. Ok, took pity of the old lady.

Doc: What's you problem auntie?

Patient: I come to continue my medicine, just give me back the old ones.

Doc: Why haven't you come for so long?

Patient: I am having difficulty to come to hospital, no transport. Anyway, just give me back the old medicine. And give me more so that I don't have to come so many times. By the way, why is my scalp always itch?

At the same time, writing the prescription: Teepol shampoo x 2 (Usually I give 1 bottle), Aques cream 500gm (The biggest container), Piriton 30 tablets.

Doc: This is dandruff, auntie.

Patient: My husband (standing beside her) also has dandruff, can you give him another two bottles of shampoo.

Husband: Yes, give us 4 bottles.

Ignore all the request and continue writing.

Husband: 4 bottles ah, ok.

Patient: And also, give me some panadol and a bottle of cough syrup please.

Husband: Remember ah, 4 bottle shampoos please.


Doc: Uncle, I can only give maximum 2 bottles, that is the rules.

Case scenario 3:
A retired school teacher with long-standing HPT/DM/IHD/Dyslipidaemia, FBS 10.2 mmol. Had been advice to add Insulin numerous time.

Patient: How is my blood test?

Doc: Hmm, very bad uncle. Your sugar level is very high. We have advised you for Insulin many times. How about it?

Patient: No lah, doctor, this time I will try controlling my diet again. Recently, I have eaten blah, blah, blah.. (and all sort of reasons), blah, blah, blah. I already have too many medications to swallow everyday.

Doc: In that case, I don't see anymore reason for me to continue seeing you here in the specialist clinic, since your diabetis will not improved without Insulin.

Patient: Please doctor, give me another chance. May be next follow up and see.

Doc: Ok, ok. (Try to see as fast as I could).

Patient: How long would you see me back?

Doc: 4 months. (Our usual TCA duration).

Patient: No lah, doctor, can I be seen earlier?

Doc: No, our appointment is too full, 4 months our usual.

Patient: Two months lah doctor, two months (Bargaining).

Doc: Ok lah. (Reluctantly)

While writing the prescrition (10 items),

Patient: Can you give me a bottle of cough syrup, panadol and vitamin B complex please?

Doc: (Got irritated) I thought you said, you have too many medications to swallow?

Case scenario 4:
An old lady was brought by her daugter to the clinic for follow-up of chronic eczema.

Doc: How are you auntie?

Daughter: Same lah, my mom still have this persistent rash and itch. But, give us back the usual cream, and MORE please.

Doc: Hmm, well, chronic eczema is really difficult to be cured.

Daughter: Doctor, can you please give my mom vitamin c, that would make her better.

While writing the prescription (Betnovate cream, Aques cream),

Daughter: (Reminding) Vitamin C ah. Also can you add some panadol and a bottle of cough syrup, please?


So, what define typical Penangites?


So fed up with Penangites.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cx of CryoTx

Overzealous application of liquid nitrogen on a plantar wart, resulting in formation of a huge bulla after five days.

More pic from Cytoderm.

Pg Prison

Walking along the wall of prison.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blog and blogs

So, I spent the whole afternoon reading blogs. This proof that I have become a serious addict now. Anyway, today I read about someone got robbed in Bangsar, and the ironic thing was, apparently no one even dared to acknowledge that such an incident happened in front of their own eyes. What had our society become nowadays?

I simply just loved this cartoon I stole from the writer.

Ok, ok, I am going to stop now!

Friday, January 05, 2007


The ACC is finally opened.
Our CME programme has been shifted to the auditorium of the new ACC.
The very first CME lecture given by Prof. C.T. Tan on Epilepsy in The Elderly.
Not a bad turn out.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Medical Blog Award

Today, I was having conversation with two friends during lunch about blogging. It is a "trend" now, especially among doctors. Surprisingly, both friends blog too. Looked like one is left out if he/she does not own a blog now.

Blogospheres are so fascinating. There are so many things to read; gossips, politics, music, entertainment, health, medical, sex, porn, and you-name-it-you-find-it. Sometimes, these activities could be so addictive. Some of the weekends, I actually spent more than 8 hours sitting facing the computer screen.

There seems to be no ending to one's reading, as someone's blog is linked to some others, and they just linked here and there or another. Somehow, I did discover some of my long lost friends through all these links, though they blogged anonymously.

Today, I discovered some new interesting blogs. Don't ask me how. Two of our Malaysian bloggers are nominated for various categories of Medical Blog Awards. So take a peek and read some of these interesting blogs.

Congratulation to Dr. George and Dr. BernardChan. I am gonna vote for you guys.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Received lots of smses from friends throughout yesterday. This one was very meaningful. Thanks Pheng.