Monday, October 31, 2011


On the Skywalk below the BTS rail tracts, connecting Siam BTS to Chit Lom BTS, with access to all major shopping complexes surrounding these areas. How wonderful and very convenient to pedestrians.


It is all bright and sunny on Sathorn Road.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Against all odd
Despite all the threat of been flooded, I was determined to go ahead with the plan. It has been quite a journey, along long winding roads, strong wind, heavy rains, and now, it is toward the end of the season. I would not let this obstacles mar the plan.
Connecting bus to the main terminal
After much of misery for the past few days, worrying about the cancellations, after all, here I am, BKK.
Arriving hall
It was kind of exciting this time, as I was traveling all by myself and this was the third city I have traveled outside.
Phaya Thai Express Train, BT90
Traveling from the airport to the city centre was quite convenience, cheap and comfortable. This was way better compared to the train service back home. The entire journey took 17 minutes and it was so much easier to just walk to the BTS station next to it.
Silom and Sathorn areas were dry. No sign of flooding as yet. But many buildings had already put up barriers along the road, just in case.
Om Yim Lodge, BT100
Here's a very decent place to stay and very convenient. The hotel is located just 30 meters from Chong Nongsi BTS. The more important aspect, wifi is free.