Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big turn

Just 30 minutes late, I was stuck in a heavy rain. Waisted one hour sitting back in the clinic. Not only that, I was stuck in some flash flood in certain part of the roads and had to make a few turns and nearly got lost.
Searching for direction back to Rainbow City.
Finally, the sky was clear again.

There, my disrupted plan for tonight. I so am disorientated now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is raining again.
Stuck in a heavy rain after lunch.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Night market

Past one week, the weather was extremely warm. It was almost impossible to have outdoor activity. Driving around was like driving in a hot air oven.

Anyway, this place comes to life when night falls, the Pandan City. I have always driven pass the road, but never went there before.
Night bazaar.
Wet market.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy Wesak day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Start today

9 hours and 1 patient.

Had I known that Monday is holiday, I would have planned for a long vacation somewhere. Never mind, it is time for me to start revision now, as I am currently way behind time. Sometimes, I woke up having cold sweats when thinking the AGM is just 3 months away. I need to come out with something to show!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lunch hour

Land of the Merlion is just 500m across.

My daily 10 minutes drive during lunch just to have a plate of Economy rice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


All silence now.

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Monday, May 12, 2008


It was weekend, and I spent a near whole day visiting a relative a little up north. I didn't know this place was so near, just 30 minutes drive.
A local hypermart.
Quite a big hawker centre, with K-OK performances in the evening, probably the only type of entertainment over here. Pg Laksa also available!
First time eating this rice set with a funny soup taste.

Hakka Lui Cha (Ground Tea) Rice, RM 3.00.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Back to Beautiful Rainbow Garden.
Dinner at Tea Garden.
Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice, RM7.80.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Home sweet home

I am back in the Rainbow City.

It was just one week, and I began missing this place. It seems like I feel more at home over here now. Why more homely?

Because my faithful TV, DVD player, CD player and most importantly my internet connection are all over here. How could I live without them?

Night market in Rainbow City.
Wandering aimlessly.
Manggo! The only one thing cheap here, 3kg for RM10. How I wish I have a fridge.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Wan Than Mee RM 2.30, over Mandarin Cafe.

Still very much cheaper compared to many places in the country.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Source: Mr. Manager.

I guess by this time, this picture is widely circulated in the internet and blogs.

I had a close encounter with Mr. LGE too some two years ago.

I had always knew him as a good debater after seeing him on TV few times. Two years ago, I was on my flight back from KL to Pg, and I was surprised to see Mr. LGE lining up behind me. He was on his formal white shirt and black pants, holding a suit case and was always reading on some things. Later, I was seated beside him. I wanted to say 'hi' and introduce myself to him at that time, but I didn't. I backed off because I worried he might think I was nuts. I wonder if he would take picture with me if I ever requested. Anyway, Ning and myself have something in common, we are same age and we are both 'D'. She is 'diva' and I am 'doc'.

New Pg

Driving along Jalan Masjid Negeri, previously Green Lane. This was the place we used to hang out after school (just next door) some 20 years ago.
Blogging while having my hair cut today at Jalan Sungai Dua. Next door, used to be Mandarin Cafe, now renamed Bali Bali after the change of ownership. This coffeeshop has turned high-tech now with its free Wifi. Good place to hang out, especially for USM students.

Friday, May 02, 2008

May day

1st of May is International Workers' day, a day of celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement. It is also called May Day where one commonly sees organized street demonstrations by millions of working people and their labour unions throughout most of the countries of the world. (Wikipedia).

But, what 1st of May really mean to me?

It is a holiday of course, which also means, no more waking up at 6.30 am. It is also a day where shoppers including myself thronged the shopping complexes looking for dirt cheap bargains.

It is also a day where many stingy people like myself who wait till this special one day to shop for our dream items usually offered at great discounted prices.

But, I guess, this year we should celebrate World Inflation day instead.

Instead of seeing some price cut, we are getting our throat cut. The price of goods has increased such tremendously, especially the price of food.

Take for instance, some three months ago, I bought a 10 kg rice for some RM 18.00, but now the cheapest one on this pathetic scarce-shelf of this supermarket is RM 24.00. The Rambutan brand that I used to buy for RM 19.90 is now sold for RM 40.00, such a ridiculous hike!

Not only that, the regular food that I consumed everyday has all increased very significantly. Take for example, Cintan Mee (5 packets) now cost RM3.20 (previously RM 2.30), Julie Peanut butter crackers RM7.60 (previously RM5.90), or Milo 400gm RM6.90 (previously RM5.90). I am not talking about food prices some ten years ago, but just three months ago.

Ever since the 15% basic salary hike one year ago, all I had thought was I finally could have a decent standard of living, but then only to find that the prices of all the goods and services had increased disproportionately higher. Now, it is back to square one or worst, 'negative one' I would say.

I really can't comprehend what all this 'global phenomena' of food crisis we are experiencing now, why and who are behind the conspiracy?

Some 50 years back, my parents used to think eating rice is a luxury, cause they could only afford to eat sweet potatoes and Cassava root plucked from the wild. My mom used to nag at us to not leave a single grain of rice on the plate cause it was such a sin to do so, while other poor people are dying of famine.

I dread to even think that we might have to go back to a state where we need to eat sweet potatoes instead of rice. Even worse, the sweet potatoes are equally more expensive nowadays.

How could I ever survive without my rice?

I also can't even accept the idea of cutting down on the intake of rice.

While it seems that many people have already resorted to taking two or even three jobs to continue to survive, what I might want to think now is perhaps, I should consider to 'prostitute' myself regularly again to continue to survive.


U.N., World Bank tackle food crisis.
Famine fears for N. Korea, Egypt raises salary.
We must all do our part to overcome rice shortage.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

One after another, so here is our ex-PM with his new blog at with his 1st posting today.
So much of publicity on the first day it seems.
Hope this is not just another 'new kid on the blog' and looking forward to his more interesting postings to come.

International Herald Tribune.