Monday, December 31, 2007

Count down

Count down.

Today was the most hectic day for me. Many people were on leave and there were people who took MC at the last minute, leaving two of us to run the clinic. I am so fed up, but just couldn't express out.
Worked till KMN.
There is no major new year eve celebration here and tomorrow is a working day, but there will be some count down moment at the clock tower.
Happy New Year 2008 to all my friends and bloggers who faithfully keep visiting me here.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


For those who happen to be in Chinatown, don't forget to pay this magnificent temple a visit.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing day

I took a day off to venture further into the neighbourhood. I am truely impressed to see a place that is so orderly and organized. The are so many shopping centres one would 'walk till you drop'.

Moving around is so much easier with the train system. I noticed that, the train was super fast, even the escalator moved faster.

It is just nice to window shop, cause everything seems expensive after currency conversion. But then, if one works there, things are considered cheap comparatively.

May be I should give it a thought of crossing over to work in future.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

My plan to go back home has been crashed, cause a heavily-pregnant colleague could not do her calls. So, I have to be on-call for the next two weeks.

I am here alone tonight to 'celebrate' Xmas.

I miss all friends and family back home and I would like to wish them a Merry Merry Wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Food and food

How nice life could be if only I don't need to think what I am going to have for dinner every night. I may have taken things for granted, for all these while, food was ready prepared when I came home. Sometimes I did grumble that the food was not nice or there was too little food for dinner.

Anyway, now I have to hunt for food every night. I wandered off every night to different corners of the town looking for the right kind of food. It was quite tiring and sometimes I felt so lazy to even think and I would just skip dinner.

BTW, here are some good food:

Ginger and Onion Chicken Rice, RM5.00.

There are so many chicken rice shops over here, but this one stands out, cause it has the most customers, RM 7.00 (including soup).

Finally discovered one big hawker centre here.

Kum Heung Chicken Rice, RM5.00.
BTW, here is a good guide to food in JB.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As I am still new with the computer system, my boss asked me to visit the district instead, since I am very slow in seeing the patients in the clinic. Without hesitation, I happily agreed to the deal since I hate doing routines.

The journey itself took near two hours as my driver did not want to speed. There are a lot of speed traps around. This was just nice as I loved sight-seeing.

Here, I was in the busiest street in town. There are many hotels but I did see many food stores around.

'Wan-Than-Mee-Without-Wan-Than' noodles I had, RM3.50 (Small).

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ipoh trip

I travelled to Ipoh yesterday for a one day course on a long and tiring trip. I managed to book a nearby hotel for a night. Costing RM99, the room beats many hotels that claimed to be 4 or 5 stars in term of comfortability.

What more interesting was, the stay came with a complementary free entry to the spa.

Curry Mee ka liu RM 5.60

After some deprivation of northern food, here was a nice curry mee I had.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rainy season

Despite having the influenza vaccine recently, I am still not immuned to it. These two days I have been having a bad URTI with sorethroat. The weather over here is partly to blame. It has been raining everyday since the second day I was here. This is kind of depress as I can't go out to explore the city.

Food over here sucs too. So far, I have still not found a store that sell chap fan or economic rice. I haven't also found a hawker centre that sell variety of food. Most of the shops that I went to, sell only one or the most two types of food. Guess, shops over here favor specialty food.

Here are some of the food I had recently:

Wan Than Mee, RM4.20 (Medium), opposite Century Plaza.

Wan Than Mee over here taste a bit funny. There is no soya sauce which makes it look pale.

Seafood Koay Teow Th'ng, RM5.00 (Small).

Still, the price is above average as compared to Pg.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I still have not got an internet connection but luckily I can access the net anytime during work as each of us are provided with a computer with broadband connection. This is because all our consultations are done online and all the data are kept in the computer system, i.e. our daily consultation are 'paperless', minus the lab investigations as we're still required to fill up many forms (carbon copy some more).

My work station.

As I am new to this 'hi-tech' thing, I am still not get used to the system. Can you imagine, I took 15 minutes to finish seeing one patient (plus all the data entry) for a case that usually take me 5 minutes? I am quite dislike been a 'robot' as all our clinical notes are entered with many clicks. One step missed, we would not be able to proceed. That slows down everything if one is not familiar with it.

Curry mee.

Things and food over here are very expensive. For the last few days, I have been eating in the canteen. Somehow, it is not as convenient as what I used to have in Pg, where hawker centres are just across the street. The eateries are all far from the hospital and we don't have much choices over here. That's why I said, Pg is still the best.

Anyway, I discovered some nice Curry Mee over Taman Nong Chik, but the price was damned cut throat, at RM 6.00 (big bowl) !

Thursday, December 06, 2007

First week

Day 1.

Finally got myself registered on Day 1 after a long journey.
Spent a night in this 4 star hotel that cost me RM 225, rather expensive but this was the only decent one within the vicinity.

Night scene in the city.

Journey continued and I finally reached my destination after much long and tiring drive. Luckily I got myself a room to stay in this rather run down HO quarter. By the way, I am only allowed to stay for one month. I got to look for a permanent place.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Goodbye PG

Ready to go.

Goodbye PG.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Last night

All packed.
This is the last night I am blogging. Tomorrow, I am going to embark on a very long journey down south. I have been packing for the last few days. Living on a nomadic life. So tiring of shifting house again. I still haven't looked for a place to stay. Guess, just reach there and see.

PC Fair

Computer fair is back again, this time with great discount. I was looking for some pendrives. Just for 3 months since the last fair, the price for a 1Gb Pendrive dropped tremendously, from RM 38 to RM 26. Just wonder how low it could go down further in the next fair.
Crowd puller.
This one stood out, they were the cheapest. Customers were lining up to pay.
Kingston 1 GB RM 26, Sony MS Pro Duo (Ciplak) RM 55.
Damed cheap. Luckily It worked well.
This little interesting cooling pad with 4 USB hubs cost RM15. However, connection through these hubs are very slow.