Tuesday, April 08, 2008



I was quite upset that my regular breakfast glass that I kept more than 10 years was broken.
No Milo for today.


Never mind.
If the old one does not go, new one will not come.


Chen said...

10 years?? oh wow.... give it a proper burial please!

mangchikla said...

muekekek...my condolences. Err , i 2nd the motion made by chen.. tapi, 10 years??? uiii ..

A Member of Ex-USMCK Group said...

i have one, free gift with milo drink, back in 1982. still having it now, very much intact.

Cytusm said...

The glass (now broken) that I used to use everyday for Milo has sentimental value. I bought it during student days from Pantai Timur Departmental Store.