Monday, April 14, 2008

New kids on the block

Blogging, an increasing trend now.

Sorry, this is some sort of advertisement.

This is for fans of Dr. CSL, a famous actor, now a blogger too!

More mushrooms after the 8th March Tsunami over here:
TV Smith's Post-Apocalypse Bloggers.

Dear friends, have you got a blog?


Chen said...

ooh! i just visited CSL's blog. thanx for the link!

mangchikla said...

Yo dude! U're famous! c Chen's latest en2..muekeekekekekek alaaaaaaaa, isk , your word verifier "ufkwiw"

Chen said...


Shah said...

You're gonna start getting all sorts of weirdos visiting your blog now that Chen's promoted you on his blog. Hi, I'm weirdo number 1. Nice meeting u online again after so long.

Cytusm said...

Hi Shah, you're most welcomed. I wonder if you remembered we're neighbour before?