Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodbye Vox populi

A politician, scholar, author, activist, blogger:
Rustam A. Sani.
Source: Malaysiakini

Vox populi used to be a regular blog I visited frequently for its thought provoking postings. However, I have been wondering why there was no more update since the last one on 18th Dec 2007.

Today, I was surprised to know that the writer had passed away due to heart attack in theTV3 1.30pm news.

I also learned that he had started a new blog recently, and in one of his posting early this month on 18th April, he had mentioned that he would be launching his two new books on the 26th April 2008.

It is just sad that he did not make it to the launch of his books.


M. Bakri Musa

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Chen said...

hi! i'm off to Laos. Will be back on 29/4. So see u then!