Monday, April 21, 2008

Water fish

A friend recommended me, a nice Fish Head Bihun, according to him. The shop is actually located beside the highway on the way to the new immigration complex and opens in the evening.

Since Mr. Brain is here for a week, I brought him there to find out what so famous about this Hu Tao Bihun, cause I have not tried it either.
Mr. Brain said, "Not bad".
But for me, so so only lah.

So, what exactly so special about this bowl of bihun?

RM 7.00


mangchikla said...

Uwaaaaaaaaaa... so expensive? Normal bowl of mee udang osso is around RM 4 .50

Jason Chan said...

you became water fish liau..RM7 for a bowl of fish head mihun :)

Chen said...

supply and demand. More demand means can increase price. Since it is famous, it must be good!