Friday, April 04, 2008


Here is the first IT fair of the year organized by PIKOM. It is held from today till Sunday.
Somehow I felt, this one was not as exciting as the previous one. Most of the electronics and computer gadgets were still very expensive. There was no good bargain at all. Take for an instance, a 2GB Kingston pendrive is sold for RM27 when one could find it in Low Yat for RM22.

This time, I desperately needed a printer. The bargain atmosphere was so uninviting. There seemed to be not many competition. In the last fair, the printer I was looking for was sold at RM199. This time, the cheapest I got was RM 225. More expensive, damned it!
We had dinner again at Stulang or 'sister' of our Gurney Drive back in PG.

For the past one week, the number of visitors to my blog had shot up hitting > 5o a days. Most of the searches were for Dr. Tan BH, after the news of her death. It sounds like, one is more valued upon death.

Personally, I don't really know her well, although we had worked in the same hospital for few years. Our relationship was just that of a 'Hi' and 'Bye'. I had few conversations with her during the dinner drug talks organized by MMA. She was one of the regular 'kakis' from PGH who attended dinner talk often.

I also remembered her as a person full of confidence when she presented a studies and won 1st runner up in last year's scientific meeting organized by PGMES.

She definitely looked more stunning in real person than in her photo. She was a true rare beauty one could find in the 'medical' community. She was all elegance in her sense.

I felt a bit sad and touched to learn that the journey was just too short for her. Nevertheless, I felt proud of her that, in the very last moment of her life, she created new 'life'.

Thanks to Chev, who is a very good friend of her, I began to learn more about her through a new blog created specifically in memory of her.

RIP Dr. Tan BH.

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Chen said...

Bee Hooi told me she always attend drug talks as she wanna keep herself updated with the new drugs and treatment/management. She always update me with the drug talk schedule but I'm too lazy to attend..

Bee Hooi has lived her life to the fullest. She still present a paper in Cape Town few days prior to her treatment in Paris.