Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Those years been a Medical MO was real tough, especially when one was on-call. The pager never seemed to stop beeping, because the whole world would referred all sort of cases to you to crack your head. I used to curse these people (especially the O&G) for referring ridiculous cases for me to see.

What is this?

Somehow, I think these Medical people are ridiculous as far as this region is concern. Now, my major bulk of referrals are from the Medical unit. It kind of pissed me off when people started referring me cases like VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory) or RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) positive cases to manage without using their brain first.

I can't imagine, I used up most my time seeing rubbish over here.

I can be nasty or sarcastic sometimes, but just to say sorry that, I am actually not what other people used to think I am.

I kept reminding myself to be patience, patience and patience. After all, is that what life supposed to be?


mangchikla said...

hmmm... can't make out wat u rambling doc. The only thing close is VD (heheheh) plasma got something to do with blood aa? Wat's a "reagin". If it'll make u happy , apologies accepted..muakaakakakak.. n (Arrrgh "ykgbkz")

nissy said...

i remember VDRL n RPR is screening test for TP.
It could have false positive results due to a few causes...which i can't really remember. (it's like 2 classification for biological false positive..err..chronic disease, autoimmune disease can cause so..)

If TP negative (after specific test, right?)then wat else? so? no syphilis la? so what's the management? Lol...blur a bit

hi, i'm a 3rd year medic student.

Chen said...

take a deep breath!

Anonymous said...

Hv to agree with you.

Often during oncall, do received quite an amount of "unreasonable" referral which worried me the rationale thinking of our colleagues.

Nowadays, it is hard to see a referral being a sincere measure for the benefit of pt rather it's more of a??-covering measure. Most of the seniors would delicate the job of referrals to their junior colleague without them knowing the protocol and main reason of referring cases.

When prompted the reason of referral, the answer renderred would be "My ???/ ??? or ??? ask me to refer"

Jason Chan said...
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Jason Chan said...

cool down... give you one cup of leung cha.. okay... me in O&G ler.. but never refer a false+ve before :P