Sunday, May 31, 2009

3rd party

Driving along the coastal road

First, I was disapponted because I was not able to get the original drug company to sponsor my study. Thinking that the drug was cheap, I wrote to the company to give me the drug price, as I might want to look for alternative sponsors.

This was the email reply I got:

"However the quotation for the total cost of 'Drug A' required is being prepared. I would like to apologize for the delay. I cannot personally quote you on the price and the Bumi agent is yet to forward their quotation to us."

So, I found out that each tablet of the medication cost RM1, giving a total of RM13,000 for my study drug, what a big sum for my humble small study!

With the current unpredictable economy, who would sponsor that sum of money?

So now, we knew the reason why drugs are so expensive.

I could not even get the direct supply from the original company, thus cutting cost.

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