Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JB Best 5

Who say nice Kolo Mee must have lard or Char Siew?

Well, it seemed the best Kolo Mee I'd ever eaten over here turned out to be from a Muslim store, I bet, beats S'wak Kolo Mee to shame.
RM3.00 (Ordinary one)

The 'Special' one with marinated chicken was so havenly mouth watering, unfortunately was always sold out when we reached there by 12.30pm.
Char Mee, RM4.00

For one who misses out the Kolo Mee Special, can opt for this equally superb specialty noodle with the very tender marinated chicken.

Check out this little store at Hutan Bandar, but go before 12pm, before it is invaded by the school kids when the school session is over.

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