Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Danga City

Despite open for near one year, the response from shoppers has not been good.

Blame it on Feng Shui?
But yet, this is just a very nice place to shop, to walk and window shop, during a short lunch break.

Devoid of all scenes of hectic daily life.

One can also catch a train ride to Tanjung Pagar from here.

Most importantly, it is FREE parking here, one will never find elsewhere in the heart of the city.


Fat4 said...

Received info that you are leaving JB soon. So I thought I might as well do a good deed and introduce you to a few of my personal favourite makan spots since you like to blog about makan.

1) Best Nasi Lemak : try the nasi lemak at Senibong in Permas Jaya. The view is pretty fantastic.

2) Wan Tan Mee : Actually the well known ones are at Sri Tebrau and Century but personally I never liked them. Prefer the one in Maju Jaya, across the street from Plaza Pelangi. Alternatively, you can try the Pontian wan tan mee which is now available in Taman Sutera Utama.

3) The steamboat you had in Taman Molek is the worst I have ever had not because the food sucks but the service is deplorable. How many steamboat restaurants that you know actually uses a kid as their front? Their business was good a few years back but has since gone down hill. The more popular and better quality one is actually on both ends of The Store Pandan. One of them is named MK Steamboat. I cannot remember the name of the other one. And at RM15.90 pax, it is a steal.


doc said...

Danga City opened as Best World over 10 years ago but like you said, maybe bcos of "bad feng shui", it never prospered. changed management a few times & at once, it was rumoured Pantai Hospital wanted to buy the building to set up a medical centre there.

as it is now, i think the pirate DVDs are selling well there - still RM 25 for 6?